Indigo Green

Indigo Green: A Home Away From Home

Discover the resort where the new chapter of your life begins.


By Alita Singh


If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is about what our homes mean to our well-being and the luxury of accessing the
outdoors. Even before anyone could fathom how the world would irrevocably change, Indigo Green residential resort imagined a more balanced lifestyle that harmonized the environment with design.


The focus for many of us has now become, “How do we write the next chapter of our lives?” says Rene Lepine, Indigo Green’s developer. “We are all reevaluating our priorities about vacations, travel, work, family, and friends. At Indigo Green, we strive to help with that reevaluation by offering a home away from home and, for some, a new take on remote work and living.”


In other words, says Lepine, the residential resort offers “a new way of looking at life and travel.”


Why invest in St. Maarten? At Indigo Green, the answers are multiple. The resort offers enticing retirement options, vacations in the sun and a solid investment — not to mention ocean views, beach access, a well-planned neighborhood, and proximity to amenities, dining, and entertainment. In addition, Dutch St. Maarten is duty-free. There are no property taxes or capital gains taxes. Transfer taxes when you acquire property are only 4 percent.


Located in Indigo Bay, Indigo Green is St. Maarten’s only new oceanfront gated community. Its residents benefit from multiple pools and a private gym, all in a “green” resort-style setting. As a master-planned community, deed restrictions will protect and preserve its elegant residential resort character. In fact, everything in Indigo Green has been planned and designed to offer the best possible product in residential living in all its forms.


With over four decades of experience, Lepine is especially keen on quality and resilience to local conditions such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and extended exposure to tropical sun and ocean air. This has led to the construction of all poured-in-place concrete, hurricane-resistant, insulated, modern villas and condos with high ceilings, oversized windows, and many other quality features.


“With 70 percent of our units already taken, some models and options are becoming limited, as is the time left to acquire your special corner of Indigo Green,” says Lepine. “So, take the first step and come discover what could become your own vacation or retirement home. Who knows? It might also become your life relocation destination.”


If you’re planning the next chapter in your life, ask yourself: “Don’t I deserve this?” Let the team at Indigo Green help you make it happen. Financing in US dollars is offered via international banks to qualified buyers with down payments as low as 35 percent.


For more information on Indigo Green, visit or call +1 721-543-7999 or toll-free +1 855-545-7999.





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