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From March 8 until 12, the SXM Music festival occurred on St Maarten. The electronic dance festival made the island open its beaches, villas and mountains for some good parties. This article will summarize everything that happened around the Festival.



What makes the festival so special is that it occupies the whole island. On a lot of different venues people can experience the culture and beauty of the island. Besides, there is always going something during those 5 days whether it is late in the evening or really early in the morning.



The Festival had a really big and variative line-up, with DJ’s coming from all over the world. Multiple DJ’s share their story about their amazing time on St Maarten and how they fell in love with the island.  “Even though the island is small, it has so much to offer – from hiking to spending time on the beach.” DJ Owlish stated. DJ Penelope from the Netherlands is a quite new DJ and is glad that SXM Festival gives her to perform for a big crowd, even though the island is small.



The Festival also has a “No-Trace Policy”. With that they make sure that they leave no impact behind on the environment so they organize huge clean-ups.



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