Surinam Airways – Winair Interline partnership

Surinam Airways and Winair’s strategic partnership creates an extensive network, offering seamless  travel connections for enhanced convenience and flexibility. 


An interline partnership has been entered with Windward Islands Airways International (Winair), a  renowned carrier with more than 60 years of experience in the Caribbean. This partnership will also  allow travelers same day connections to islands beyond Sint Maarten, such as Antigua, Dominica,  Saba, St. Eustatius, St. Barth, Martinique, Tortola and more. 


The collaboration between Surinam Airways and Winair comes as a response to the evolving needs of  modern travelers who seek seamless and stress-free journeys. By joining forces, both airlines aim to  provide customers with greater connectivity and convenience throughout their entire travel journey. 


This collaboration provides passengers a streamlined booking process, purchasing tickets for multi-leg  journeys involving both airlines, making a booking to travel for example to Sint Maarten via Aruba or Curaçao easier and more convenient. The passenger receives one (1) ticket, travels to Curaçao,  transfers to Winair and continues his/her journey to Sint Maarten from Suriname. 


This partnership allows Surinam Airways to expand its network and provide customers with more travel  options to the Caribbean, Dutch Antilles, South America, and Europe.


See the flight schedule below. 


Flight day: mon, wed and fri 

Route  Flight #  Frequency  Departure  Arrival
PBM-AUA  PY 481  mon, wed, fri  06:30 hrs  08:15 hrs
AUA-CUR  PY 481  09:15 hrs  09:50 hrs
CUR-SXM  WM 806  mon, wed, fri  12:40 hrs  16:10 hrs


Subject to change 

Flight day: mon, wed and fri 

Route  Flight #  Frequency  Departure  Arrival
SXM-CUR  WM 805  mon, wed, fri  08:30 hrs  10:50 hrs
CUR-AUA  PY 482  19:10 hrs  19:45 hrs
AUA-PBM  PY 481  mon, wed, fri  20:45 hrs  00:30 hrs 

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