Various international media outlets have reported on SHTA’s initiative the St. Maarten Flavors culinary month of November as the tourism sector’s joint November effort to celebrate its “Culinary Capital of the Caribbean” fame. During this month, 48 restaurants and bars are offering signature dishes at a reduced-price inviting residents and visitors to sample the many tastes on island.

According to Ms. Ashley Burns of, one of the largest websites in the Caribbean, “St. Maarten has some pretty amazing food. In fact, there are so many great restaurants, bars and lolos that it’s practically impossible to dine at every “must-visit” spot in one vacation”. Beach Happy Magazine describes St. Maarten as “A cornucopia of international fare with over 140 nationalities that contribute to its reputation as the ‘Culinary Capital of the Caribbean’. Other articles on the St. Maarten Flavors project were amongst others displayed in luxury lifestyle magazine Resident, digital site Loop Caribbean and South Florida Caribbean News.

As a Caribbean hub due to its central location, St. Maarten is home to a wide variety of cultures and influences including Creole, Asian, Dutch, Italian, and many more, which are all reflected in the island’s varied culinary offerings. The goal of “St. Maarten Flavors” is to put St. Maarten on the map of food lovers around the world, invite visitors and locals to immerse themselves in the dynamic food scene at an accessible price point of either $49 (three course) or $17.50 and to give local restaurants a platform to showcase their diverse creations.