Today the St. Maarten Hospitality & Trade Association (SHTA) launched its “Have a Taste of St. Maarten Campaign“. The campaign of hospitality workers sharing their signature drink or dish is intended to highlight the amazing culinary delights of St. Maarten and to show the destination is up and running in a safe and responsible manner. The campaign kicked off with the “SXM Splash” cocktail by Stephen “Ali” Busby from Gizmo’s Bar & Grill at Divi Little Bay Resort, the first original recipe.

By facilitating “Have a taste of Sint Maarten” Do try this at home, the SHTA hopes to incentivize its regular customers to come back soonest, especially as the destination is open and has proven to be comparatively safe. In addition, by showcasing one of St. Maarten’s key features as a true culinary destination, it hopes to attract and inspire new “foodies” to visit the island.

The campaign is also a great opportunity for residents and visitors alike, to learn more about the culinary experts that help make our Island so unique, their interesting and diverse backgrounds and their expertise.

As the current Pandemic caused a second forced hiatus for SHTA’s famed Crystal Pineapple Awards, we wanted to create this campaign as an alternative way to show appreciation for those people at the heart of St. Maarten’s essential tourism industry.

SHTA asked its member bars and restaurants to submit signature cocktails and dishes either unique to the company, the island or the region. The recipes page shows a short biography of the bartenders and chefs involved and expert tips how to prepare the dish or drink presented. The first cocktail, “SXM Splash”, is the bestseller of Gizmo’s Bar and Grill. Bartender Stephen “Ali” Busby has been a very familiar face to many guests, and known for his lively way of bartending, adding experience to his famed cocktails while one enjoys the view from the Gizmo’s Bar.

SHTA is grateful for its cooperation with online St. Maarten souvenir store on this project. Over 20 recipes will be shared by SHTA’s Facebook channels and the SHTA website over the upcoming weeks every Monday and Friday. Visit: and Do Try This at Home.