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S2S: Beer, Art and Music Festival at the Seaview Beach Hotel: A Celebration of Local Culture

PHILIPSBURG, January 2, 2024 – The newly renovated and vibrant Seaview Beach Hotel in Philipsburg is set to host an exhilarating Beer, Art, and Music Festival on January 19th and 20th, 2024. This two-day festival promises an immersive experience celebrating the best of local culture, featuring an impressive lineup of locally brewed beers, captivating art, products made in paradise and live art and music performances.



The heart of the festival revolves around the craft of locally-produced goods and brewed beers. Attendees can savor the distinct flavors of Saba Cloud Top Beer, Pelikaan Beer, Dutch Blonde Beer, and SXM Beer. These finely crafted beverages represent the essence of the Caribbean, reflecting the unique character of the islands. With a diverse range of brews, from crisp lagers to robust ales, the festival is a haven for beer enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.



The connection with local art is easy to make when looking at the designs on the cans of Pelikaan Beer and Saba Cloud Top Beer, where local murals have been integrated in packaging design to promote local artists. Therefore, the festival invites local artists from Saba and St. Maarten to showcase and highlight the artistic diversity of the region, providing a platform for artists to connect with a broader audience.



The festival will also showcase products made locally on the different islands. The islands have many local artisans producing a wide range of products, such as jewelry, cosmetics, tea, spices and much more. The Beer, Art and Music Festival would like to provide a platform to all these artisans to promote “Buying and shopping locally”.



“We welcome everyone that produces locally-made products to this 2-day festival, which we intend to make an annual event. Philipsburg is set at the heart of the island group and is a shopping haven for tourists and the local community. We are looking for the support from hotels, charter boats, taxi drivers, basically the entire hospitality industry, to bring people to our event and let them have a proper taste of what the region has to offer!” commented Michele Korteweg, organizer of the event.



In addition to showcasing the regional talent, the festival aims to bring an interesting program filled with fun activities based around beer & art, such as workshops on beer brewing, sip & paint, salsa classes, food pairings and of course, live music and art demonstrations.



Throughout the day and well into the evening, festival-goers will be treated to an eclectic mix of live  music performances. Local musicians will serenade the crowd with soulful tunes, creating a festive atmosphere that perfectly complements the celebration of beer, art, and culture.



The Beer, Art, and Music Festival is proudly sponsored by the Saba Tourism Bureau, a driving force behind the promotion of the region’s cultural heritage. Partners of the Saba Tourism Bureau will be present at the event, offering a glimpse into the stunning destination through locally made art and products. This collaboration underscores the bureau’s commitment to supporting local businesses and fostering a deeper appreciation for the cultural richness of Saba.



The Beer, Art, and Music Festival at the historic Seaview Beach Hotel is not just an event; it’s a celebration of the Caribbean’s vibrant spirit. Whether you’re a beer enthusiast, an art lover, or simply looking for a weekend filled with cultural experiences, this festival is a must-attend.


Local artists and vendors that would like to be part of the Festival, please contact for more information.



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