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Naturally Made

Nalia Muriel is passionate about creating all-natural skin care products and fragrances.


Originally from Spain, Nalia Muriel was working in Holland and had learned to speak Dutch. But she also wanted to learn French, so she decided to spend a summer in St. Maarten/ St. Martin learning the language. She fell in love with the island and made this her home. “After 15 years, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be,” she says.


During this time, she turned her passion for nature and skin care into a successful business. St. Maarten Nectar started in Muriel’s Simpson Bay kitchen, where she would create her own skin care products to treat her sensitive skin. “Industrial-made products contain a lot of chemicals, fragrances, preservatives and additives,” she says. “When you make your own fresh creams, you are left with a very pure result that contains nothing but the ‘good stuff.’”


She started by making body moisturizers and facial products, but the first product she sold was Bug O%, a 100 percent natural mosquito repellent. Today, St. Maarten Nectar sells facial cream, antiaging treatment, sunscreen, soap, hair products, baby moisturizer, a brand-new deodorant and more. Their products are sold locally and shipped worldwide daily.


The St. Maarten Nectar Hair Salon & Wellness Spa at Oyster Bay Beach Resort offers various services, such as facials, massages, waxing and hair treatments, using only St. Maarten Nectar products.


When she’s not concocting a new product, Muriel enjoys spending time with her “better half” and their 3-year-old little girl. We sat down with Muriel to find out a little more about her business and her love for her island home.


What makes your products stand out from the rest? 


They are vegan, natural and made only with plant-based ingredients. Our creams have five to eight ingredients because they only have what they need. We don’t dilute or stretch the oils or butters, and it shows.


What’s your best-selling product?


They all do well, but Bug O% is widely sold throughout the Caribbean in pharmacies and hotels, and our Roucou Body & Hair Oil is a total superstar.


Who has been the biggest source of inspiration in your life?


My dad, for not seeing the limits; my better half, who’s always supported me and whom I learn so much from every day; and my aunt, who is my role model.


What’s your favorite local hangout?


Breakfast at Enoch’s Place, Top Carrot is always a great place for lunch, and dinner at Sol e Luna.


Name some hidden gems that visitors should check out.


Lolo’s in Grand Case is a must. Don’t miss Fort Willem and Fort Louis. For adventurers, our island has many hiking trails that are breathtaking; and a horse ride or simple visit to Lucky Stables in Cay Bay is very surprising.


What would most people be surprised to learn about you? 


That I’m very shy and I love to sing.





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