See the Vineyard Building, one of St Maartens monuments


The area was named after the estate, which probably got its name from the grapes that were cultivated around the house. The estate house has a twin on Martha’s Vineyard USA, off the coast of Massachusetts. In 1871, the van Romondt family imported the house from Baltimore, Maryland USA. It was delivered by schooner as a pre-cut/pre-fab building package to our island. The rectangular shaped house consists of two stories, topped by a saddle roof. The front facade is on the short side. A staircase from the garden leads the visitors to the first floor where the living quarters are placed. The doors and the sash windows are fitted with wooden shutters. Both of the side facades are covered with white shingles, while the front facade has horizontal weather boarding and a decoration of gingerbread fretwork lining the roof, rail and veranda. In the middle of the gable is a gold coloured star, the meaning of, other than decorative, is not known. The bottom floor is used for storage, has a large kitchen and several utility rooms. As of 1938 the van Romondt family sold the estate to Mrs. Coralie Buncamper. After her death it went to Mrs. Bernadette Bucamper who, like the new family members that inherited it from her after her passing, keep it in pristine shape.


Where to find the Vineyard Building


The Vineyard Building is in the Philipsburg area of St Maarten.


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