See the Brick Building Monument in Philipsburg St Maarten


The Brick Building is one of the oldest buildings on island. It was owned by Ms Louisan Augusta Illidge, an affluent woman. She provided shelter for the first methodist preacher coming to St Maarten in 1819 , mr Parson Hodge, providing the base for the expansion of the Methodist church on St Maarten. Ms Illidge became known as “the mother of methodism”. Later, her house became a temporary military holdout as the European Netherlands were conquered in May 1940, and the French not as yet. The French army used the building as barracks until European France also was overrun by German forces.


Where To Find the Brick Building


The Brick Building can be found on Back Street, Philipsburg St Maarten.


Find the Brick Building on the map down below!






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Backstreet, Philipsburg