Belmond La Samana wedding ceremony

Marry Me in Paradise

Brides and grooms are in good hands on St. Maarten/St. Martin.


Waves lap and bring with them the sand that softly kisses your feet. The gentle breeze cools your skin as the sun hovers above in all its glory. The aqua ocean beckons as you find yourself daydreaming about what is going to happen tomorrow. It’s the day before your wedding, and you think: How funny, I am not stressed at all.


You knew that St. Maarten/ St. Martin was where you wanted to get married because of its reputation as the “in” place to exchange vows. That’s because this cosmopolitan island offers so much for visitors: amazing restaurants, vibrant history, postcard-perfect beaches and vistas, and a wealth of ways to enjoy yourself — everything from zip-lining through treetops to enjoying a romantic sunset sail.


St. Barths is so close you can almost touch it, and on a clear day you can see St. Kitts and Saba. In addition, the island features an international airport, duty-free shopping and a lagoon that shelters mega-yachts from all over the world.


Time to Celebrate

Tonight is the night you’ve been waiting for. Your fiancé is looking forward to his night out with his best man and two ushers. They are going out for dinner and then stopping in at the casino.


You’re having dinner with the bridesmaids and then a pajama party back in your room. This is the last time you will be with your friends as a single woman. After dinner, you and the girls take a walk to the oceanfront. It’s a beautiful night, and a navy-blue sky provides the backdrop for brightly shining stars. The moon is almost full, and you can see it so clearly. It feels like the perfect night, and it is. You are in St. Maarten/St. Martin, and tomorrow’s ceremony will be unforgettable.


Your wedding planner gave you the confidence to know that everything would be taken care of. She worked with you on every last detail, including your and your guests’ arrival on island. She recommended accommodations and activities while on St. Maarten/ St. Martin, night-before activities, hair, makeup and even spa essentials. She arranged a beach wedding with a pergola draped in shimmery fabric and gorgeous flowers, seating for your 20 guests, and an intimate ocean-view restaurant where you can celebrate your union.


Morning arrives with an exquisite sunrise. Your heart is filled with joy and love. This is the day you’ve been dreaming about.


Your dress fits perfectly, and your stunning flowers enhance your beautiful glow. You’re barely aware of the family and friends you pass on your way to the altar. All that you see is the handsome face of your soon-to-be husband. You can see the tears in his eyes and feel his awe at how beautiful you look. Your eyes are locked together as you exchange your vows. Could there be more happiness than this? You have the rest of your lives to find out. Let the future begin!


Start your new life as a married couple while enjoying all the wonderful activities and attractions the island has to offer — and each other. This picture-perfect destination is perfect for an idyllic honeymoon in paradise.





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