Diamonds International St Maarten, Philipsburg, World Tourism Day


St Maarten sparkles on world tourism day!


Today is World Tourism Day, and there’s no better time to celebrate the enchanting island of St Maarten, where every facet of your visit shines as bright as a diamond!


Nestled in the heart of the Caribbean, Sint Maarten invites with its pristine beaches, vibrant culture, and thrilling adventures. It’s a place where azure waters meet white sands, where the friendly island welcomes you with open arms, and where every day feels like an unforgettable journey.


And speaking of diamonds, don’t miss the chance to explore Diamonds International, the Caribbean’s most renowned jeweler, located on Front Street in St Maarten’s capital Philipsburg. With over a quarter century of excellence, they offer exquisite Swiss timepieces, luxurious tanzanite jewelry, and a treasure trove of loose diamonds. Discover exclusive brands like the Crown of Light, a 90-facet premium diamond cherished by discerning collectors.


On this special day, let’s raise our glasses to the beauty and wonder of Sint Maarten, and to the power of tourism in bringing us together. Whether you’ve explored its hidden treasures or dream of doing so, Sint Maarten is a testament to the magic of travel and the allure of extraordinary diamonds.


So, whether you’re savoring past memories or planning your next island escape, remember that Sint Maarten is a gem waiting to be discovered.


On behalves of Diamonds International, Happy World Tourism Day!






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