Nude cruise St Maarten, Orient Bay Nude Beach

Big Nude Boat stops by St Maarten next year

St. Maarten Port of Call on Caribbean Cruise Experience “Big Nude Boat”

Next year, the Big Nude Boat, a nude cruise organized by Bare Necessities and Norwegian Cruise Line sets sail in the Caribbean. This Caribbean adventure departs from Miami on Feb. 3, one of the stops is St. Maarten. Apart from St. Maarten, the cruise also sails to the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Dominica, Martinique and St. Lucia before returning on Feb. 14. 

Nudism on Board

While packing for the cruise, people are encouraged by the organizers to leave most clothing at home so they can be nude on board. Kat Whitmire, a cruise organiser for Bare Necessities, commented to that for them being nude is about leaving judgment behind. “When you’re not wearing clothes, you can’t immediately tell someone’s economic status or how they vote; you have to talk to them to find out who they are.”

Nude Cruise Guidelines

Although the cruise’s main idea is nudism, there are some strict rules and guidelines attached. When people are sitting down, a towel must be placed first for the people to sit on. Furthermore, in all dining rooms wearing clothing is mandatory. There is one exception of the out-on-deck self-service buffet. Here people can remain nude whilst dining. Also, taking pictures and videos are prohibited of any individual without consent. These rules are put in place to ensure a respectful and comfortable environment for all guests.

Orient Bay Clothing Optional Beach

The cruise is not the first experience of the island with clothing optional. A southern part of Orient Bay Beach is a famed stop for visitors wanting to enjoy sun and sea without clothes. Orient Bay can be found on the French side of St. Martin .
For more information on the “Big Nude Boat”, explore this article of the Orlando Weekly !

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