Tintamarre Beach – An Island Trip Within An Island Trip!

Looking for a unique adventure, one can go to Tintamarre beach. Tintamarre is a nature reserve where you can experience the nature in its purest form.


This Beach can be reached by private charters from the French Cul de Sac, in between of Orient Bay Beach and Grand Case area of St Maarten / St Martin.


Tintamarre used to be a disputed island between the Dutch and French with some farms. The famous Dutch side ST Maarten family van Romondt were some of the last inhabitants. Later, an airport was maintained on the island. Of both the farms and airport remnants can be found.


The east side of the half mile long island has impressive cliffs. The west side has the pristine Tintamarre beach.


Make sure you have plenty of food and beverages with you when going to Tintamarre: though ruins of farms and an airport can still be seen, the island is currently uninhabited.

Where To Find Tintamarre Beach

Tintamarre Beach is located at Tintamarre island . See our island description how to get there!

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