The Rusty Parrot in Philipsburg



Come join the “pirates” on The Rusty Parrot.


By Alita Singh



Grab an eye patch and head for The Rusty Parrot, a “scuttled ship” in Philipsburg like those once used by marauding pirates. Now it’s the newest hot spot in St. Maarten/St. Martin, a favorite of history lovers and partiers alike.



The story begins with pirate enthusiast Raphael Dorra, the creative mind behind the new attraction. Dorra describes The Rusty Parrot as an “immersive experience” designed to show what life was like for infamous Caribbean pirates like Jack Rackham, known to history as Calico Jack. Visitors enter the bowels of the “ship” to learn more about Rackham through special effects and many surprises.



Dorra, who grew up in Tahiti, says there are many stories surrounding pirates; but most are distorted, based on legends, not facts. When the opportunity presented itself for a unique adventure, Dorra was ready to hoist the Jolly Roger, the internationally known symbol of pirates created by Rackham. The Rusty Parrot takes visitors through the life of Rackham based on researched materials, artifacts, some plotline twists, and a few turns. “The idea is to present history in a fun way,” says Dorra. “This is a total experience for family, friends, groups, anyone who wants to experience something exciting and different.”



Tours are offered in five languages — English, Dutch, French, German, and Spanish — and the “crew” dresses in full pirate garb to lend authenticity to the experience. Continue your pirate adventure with gear from the gift shop. Then head up to the deck for a view of Philipsburg and Great Bay. Topside, enjoy drinks and tasty tapas at the bar and lounge as you take in the island’s balmy weather. Music is also on the menu.


“Visit us at The Rusty Parrot,” Dorra says. “It’s an adventure like no other.”





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