This week’s Hot Seat features the talented, local musician Young Dow. Known as a performer with various local bands and the producer of hits, such as Christmas Morning in St. Maarten, Young Dow talks about carrying on his family legacy and his motivation; he also gives advice to those wanting to follow in his footsteps.



Please introduce yourself.

My name is Erno York. I was born and raised in St. Maarten. I’m a local musician and play steel pan, bass guitar, drums, keyboards, and regular guitar. I have played with several bands, such as TG Band and Badd Boys, but I currently play guitar with Hybrid Band. Besides being an instrument player, I am also a producer. I produce and write songs – one of my biggest songs was Christmas Morning in St. Maarten, with various artistes such as King Beau Beau, Mighty Fix, Mighty Greg, Fred York and Mighty Dow. This carnival, I will be performing with TG Band in the Band Clash/Road March on Thursday night.



How did you get into the music industry?

I got into music through my father, Isidore York, a.k.a. the Mighty Dow. I started playing music at seven years old as I was introduced to music by my dad. He also played music from a young age and I was his first child, so I was the first to be introduced to the music industry.


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