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At Alicia’s Inn we offer the assurance of a clean and comfortable stay. Our warmth and friendliness makes our inn an unforgettable guest experience. Who is the famous “Alicia” from Alicia’s Inn? My name is Jeanina Dupersoy, the manager and great niece of Aunt Alicia. Along with my mother Marvis Leonard, I restored the inn in memory of Aunt Alicia in appreciation for her strong work ethics and entrepreneurial skills. Just as aunt Alicia cared for her customers, we have carried on the same legacy of delivering hospitable services that ensure our guests always feel welcomed and secure. Alicia’s inn is held together by a determined staff that is always ready and willing to serve.


This budget- friendly vacation destination is conveniently located at Backstreet 42, Downtown Philipsburg with nearby access to the beach, shops, restaurants, and casinos. The small property accommodates tourists and business travelers from all over the world with a promise of eleven spotless rooms. If you are looking for a high- quality, inexpensive place to stay, we welcome you to Alicia’s Inn.

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