Good Taste
Treat yourself to a world of flavors.

Cuisine is the gateway to understanding a country’s people and culture. So said gourmet chef and world traveler Anthony Bourdain. Certainly that observation applies to St. Maarten/St. Martin, a tiny Caribbean island with a big reputation when it comes to food.

The island shared by France and the Netherlands has been called the “Culinary Capital of the Caribbean,” and for good reason. Food is infused with the flavors brought here by settlers from more than 100 nations.

Meals in French Grand Case rival any you’ll find on the banks of the Seine. In Philipsburg, on the Dutch side, you can savor artisanal cheeses and sweets that will put you in mind of Amsterdam or Delft. Small, open-air eateries called lolos serve up local favorites like grilled fish and johnny cakes, and restaurants across the island showcase ethnic eats with Caribbean flair.

It’s no wonder then that this island gem inspires award-winning fusion fare from chefs who have honed their culinary skills in Europe, North America, Asia and the Caribbean.

Are your taste buds starting to tingle? Pull up a chair and dig in.