Tranquil Anguilla

Serenity awaits on this neighboring island, just a day trip away.


Tranquility, by definition, means “a state of peace and calm,” but regardless of what words you use to illustrate it, it is not that easy to explain it to someone else … that is, until you set foot on Anguilla.


Over the centuries, this island has become the definition of tranquility. It is in the smiles of the locals that greet you on your tour around the island. It’s found at that line where the ocean meets the sand and the small bubbles of air escape as the water slowly recedes. It can be felt by taking a stroll down pristine beaches and shores lined by fishing boats, their wooden hulls painted in rich hues.


You can find tranquility in the smells that float through the air on the ocean breeze: a mixture of salt and sea, local cuisine and tropical spices. Combine that heady concoction with the melodies of steel pan music or the gentle lapping of waves. This is what the Anguilla experience is all about.


For years, visitors have come to this island intending to have that typical Caribbean experience. They imagine sipping fruity cocktails on the beach and dipping into the warm ocean. But they leave having revitalized their spirits. They spend their days sitting at open-air restaurants and sampling superb cuisine while slowly unwinding from their fast-paced lives. Before they know it, they have rewound time and gone back to a place of peaceful bliss. After all, they have experienced a country and people like no other.


Fortunately for those who have planned their vacation on St. Maarten/St. Martin, it is easy and affordable to experience the blissful tranquility of Anguilla on a day trip. Sail cats Lambada and Tango depart daily from Aqua Mania Adventures in Simpson Bay. Pack lightly. These charter boats have everything you need on board.


Sail to Anguilla’s Prickly Pear island, where you can snorkel through the outer reefs in crystal-clear water. Head out to Anguilla’s most famous beach, Shoal Bay, and spend your day basking in serenity. Then build vacation memories on an island tour as you soak up the culture and lifestyle of Anguilla.


Open your senses, absorb the sights and sounds of this British jewel, and at the end of the day, don’t be surprised if you are feeling a lot more relaxed than you expected. It takes some time to detox from the real world, and once you have, you may not want to head back to reality that quickly. So, sip one more cocktail, take one last stroll down the sun-kissed beach and breathe in one last breath of ocean air, because once you have experienced “tranquility wrapped in blue,” your life will most certainly never be the same again.





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