SHOWME Caribbean launched the interactive map for Sint Maarten!

ShowMe Caribbean Launched Interactive Map For St Maarten

During the SMILE event on Sint Maarten, SHOWME Caribbean launched the interactive map for Sint Maarten.


The map is an online presentation of the island of Sint Maarten and shows hotels, activities, restaurants, and a lot more. The map lets visitors explore the island pre-visit and during their stay on a mobile version. A unique feature is the ‘insta-hotspots’ pin which shows the best place to take a good Instagram photo. The map is free and can be found on SHOWME Caribbean presented the map during SMILE, an SHTA conference for innovation and sustainability, to the Sint Maarten Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunication​​​​ Roger Lawrence​ as well as to May Ling Chun, director of the Sint Maarten Tourism Bureau.


The map is a gift to the island because one of the founders of the SHOMWE Caribbean, Jacco Steffens, is from Sint Maarten. The company will produce more interactive maps for Sint Maarten, they are currently working on a map for Philipsburg. The interactive map, also iMap, is built for tourism purposes. Like Google maps, the pins on the map indicate where a hotel, activity or marina is located and when clicked it shows a picture, text and information. Other than Google Maps this map selects only tourism spots and extends the experience with aerial 360 photos and videos. Businesses not shown on the map can register via a form on the map. The imap will be featured on websites offering services on Sint Maarten as an extra feature on their website.

The mobile version, including GPS location, will help visitors to explore the island during their visit. By selecting favorites, tourists can preselect the activities and hotspots they want to visit. Soon, the map will also be available in hotel lobbies on kiosks as shown on SMILE as a service to hotel guests.


The interactive map of Sint Maarten can be found on


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